Project Description

The vision of the steering group for the Blackpool, Glen & Ballyvolane (BG&B) sec is to protect the earth, save money & keep warm in the process.

The BG&B SEC is a voluntary gathering of people from the Blackpool, Glen & Ballyvolane area of Cork. Our aim is to improve the existing building fabric of properties in the area, to reduce the need for energy consumption in parallel with the integration of renewable energy sources. These measures will benefit the environment, lower energy bills and create energy independence while providing spaces that are more comfortable and contribute positively to the user’s health & wellbeing.

We intend to be the first diocese to work together on a large-scale community ‘Deep Retrofit’ project. This project will highlight the importance of creating more sustainable communities which use renewable energy.

Project Details

We will be working with existing networks in our community such as family resource centres, churches, sport clubs and local businesses. We have also been looking at innovative finance models to fund energy efficiency projects. The NCE energy hub & Blackpool credit union are joining up to provide lower interest rate loans to members of our community interested in improving the energy performance of their property through the Blackpool, Glen & Ballyvolane Sustainable Energy Community